Reclaimed wood Funiture Collections

Why Choose Reclaimed Wood Furniture?

Besides the beautifully rustic character reclaimed wood lends to any building, modern or traditional, commercial or private, its ecological benefit is clear.

The environmental impact of mass forestation throughout the world has heightened our awareness of how using reclaimed wood can help protect our future.

Coupled with this social responsibility is the desire for the authenticity of reclaimed wood that tells a story and has a history. Your piece of furniture could have once been the walls of a Mexican railway station, barn or warehouse.

Reclaimed wood furniture has a number of benefits over furniture made from new timber.

First and foremost, people choose reclaimed furniture because it brings character to a space like nothing else. Wood furniture always looks beautiful, but reclaimed wood has natural variations, irregularities and markings that make it unique.

Reclaimed wood is often marked by unique knots in the wood pattern. This means that every piece is different and creates beautiful designs.

*Nail marks*
Some items might have small holes and marks in from where nails used to be. This shows the history of the wood, adding interest to the furniture.

Reclaimed items of furniture will be weathered in their own unique ways, depending on where they’ve come from and the stories behind them. This means that the furniture looks truly beautiful.

Each piece of reclaimed furniture will have its own history. Sometimes you’ll be able to find out what this is, but a lot of the time the magic is in not knowing. You can feel the history behind these kinds of items, which really develops the character of the room as a whole.