Bay View Queen Size Bedroom Set (BV Finish)


Experience the epitome of sophistication and functionality with our Bay View Queen Size Bedroom Set in BV Finish. This comprehensive set includes a complete bed frame, nightstands, dresser, chest, and mirror, allowing you to create a luxurious and well-organized bedroom.

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Elevate Your Bedroom with the Bay View Queen Size Bedroom Set in BV Finish

Transform your bedroom into a haven of luxury and organization with our Bay View Queen Size Bedroom Set in BV Finish. This set combines timeless elegance with practical design, offering you the ideal backdrop for rest and relaxation. Explore the key components that make this collection exceptional.

Complete Queen Bed Frame (BVCAM002)

At the heart of this collection is the Complete Queen Bed Frame (BVCAM002). Its BV Finish exudes classic charm, making it a focal point that effortlessly complements any décor style. With its sturdy construction and tasteful design, it promises both comfort and enduring beauty.

Bay View Nightstands (BVBUR350)

Flanking the bed are the Bay View Nightstands (BVBUR350). These nightstands, featuring the BV Finish, seamlessly blend elegance with functionality. Equipped with spacious drawers, they provide convenient storage for your bedside essentials while adding a touch of sophistication to your bedroom.

Bay View 6 Drawer Dresser (BVCOM310)

The Bay View 6 Drawer Dresser (BVCOM310) is a masterpiece of organization and style. With its BV Finish and meticulously crafted design, it offers ample storage space for your clothing and accessories. The generous surface area also serves as a tasteful display space for your cherished items.

Bay View 4 Drawer Chest (BVCOM330)

Enhancing the set’s storage capabilities is the Bay View 4 Drawer Chest (BVCOM330). Featuring the BV Finish, it adds a layer of practicality and sophistication to your bedroom. Its ample drawer space ensures that everything remains organized and within easy reach.

Bay View Mirror (BVACC320)

Completing this comprehensive collection is the Bay View Mirror (BVACC320). This elegant mirror enhances the aesthetics of your bedroom while providing a functional element. The BV Finish frames the mirror beautifully, making it a centerpiece of timeless beauty.

À la Carte Pricing: Customize Your Dream Bedroom

For those who prefer customization, our Bay View Queen Size Bedroom Set is also available à la carte:

  • Complete Queen Bed Frame (BVCAM002) – $939.00
  • Bay View Nightstand (BVBUR350) – $309.00 each
  • Bay View 6 Drawer Dresser (BVCOM310) – $859.00
  • Bay View 4 Drawer Chest (BVCOM330) – $749.00
  • Bay View Mirror (BVACC320) – $249.00

This modular pricing approach allows you to tailor your bedroom to your unique taste while enjoying excellent value.

Redesign Your Bedroom with Timeless Elegance

Experience the perfect blend of sophistication and organization with our Bay View Queen Size Bedroom Set in BV Finish. It combines classic charm with modern functionality, promising to redefine your bedroom experience. Place your order today and elevate your bedroom to a new level of luxury and organization.

Bay View Bedroom Set

2 Nightstands, 4 Drawer Chest, 6 Drawer Dresser, Complete Queen Size Bed, Complete Set, Mirror