King Size Bedroom Set (Distressed Black Finish)


Transform your bedroom with our King Size Bedroom Set in a captivating distressed black finish. This ensemble includes a complete bed frame, two chic nightstands, and a spacious drawer dresser. Explore style, storage, and savings all in one package.

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Elegance Meets Practicality: King Size Bedroom Set in Distressed Black Finish

Revamp your bedroom with our King Size Bedroom Set in a striking distressed black finish. This collection is a fusion of timeless charm and contemporary appeal, offering a complete bedroom ensemble that’s as stylish as it is functional. Dive into the world of affordability, sophistication, and space optimization with this complete bedroom set.

Complete Bed Frame (LTCAM61)

At the core of this exceptional set is the Complete Bed Frame (LTCAM61). Crafted with precision, this bed frame radiates grandeur. The distressed black finish adds a modern twist, while the tasteful detailing on the headboard and footboard creates a captivating ambiance for restful nights.

2 Nightstands (LTBUR01)

Flanking the bed are two Nightstands (LTBUR01), perfectly balancing form and function. These nightstands offer convenient storage for bedside essentials and ample tabletop space for your lamps and décor. The sleek distressed black finish enhances their modern charm, making them the ideal companions for your bed.

Drawer Dresser (LTCOM13T)

The Drawer Dresser (LTCOM13T) is a spacious and stylish storage solution. Its ample drawers provide generous space for your clothing and accessories, ensuring your bedroom stays organized. The distressed black finish and classic design elements enhance its appeal, making it a statement piece in your bedroom.

À la Carte Pricing: Customize Your Dream Bedroom

For those who prefer a personalized touch, our King Size Bedroom Set is also available à la carte:

  • Complete Bed Frame (LTCAM61) – $599.00
  • Nightstand (LTBUR01) – $109.00 each
  • Drawer Dresser (LTCOM13T) – $689.00

This flexible pricing allows you to curate your dream bedroom by selecting individual pieces that cater to your unique needs and style preferences.

Experience Elegance and Affordability Today

Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your bedroom with our King Size Bedroom Set in Distressed Black Finish. This complete collection seamlessly blends timeless aesthetics, practicality, and unbeatable value with a contemporary twist. Order now and make your bedroom a reflection of your refined taste, all while staying within your budget.

Mansion King Size Bedroom Set

10 Drawer Dresser, 2 Nightstands, Complete set, Complete Size Bed frame